Friday, August 3, 2012

Thoughts of the week...

    I guess after a few years it is time to say something!!!   If you notice I updated our family pictures! Yeah! Also, we have entered the grandparent world and its so fun! On to more serious thoughts though as I have a lot on my mind as of late.
      There seems to be such a dilemma in our culture these days. As I have observed people trying to express themselves it seems we have lost what it means to be respectful and kind. We are all in this life as humans trying to make our way, hopefully making the world a better place on this journey. We have groups that are trying desperately to be heard, however they can. Even if it means being hateful, desperate and just downright ugly. I really don't think this is useful.
I have always thought that we can disagree agreeably, but can we?  I just have some thoughts I need to express and hope that it will be taken the way it is intended. I have observed that there are strong emotions tied in to some of the views that are trying to be expressed. I can understand that. Our beliefs become part of us and we feel threatened if they are challenged. Emotions can get the best of us to behave poorly at times.
     I try and look at people who are great communicators, people like....Steven Covey who recently passed away. He was  rated as one of the 25 most influential people in the world. He worked with countless companies in training managers to communicate and value each employee, he wrote best-sellers that will be his legacy to the world and his posterity(which includes over 50 grandchildren!wow!) In his book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People he states, "Seek first to understand, then be understood". This is very useful but so hard to do, we all want to have everyone understand us first and may want them to just agree with us. I have found though, when I do this it is more effective...(.mmm.... imagine that!)  Not that I always do, sometimes my emotions overcome me too.
     I have been trying to be a better listener, and as I do that I have a better chance of seeking to understand first, instead of jumping right in about what I want to say.
       Another great man said, "Civility, I submit, is what gives savor to our lives. It is the salt that speaks of good manners, good breeding. It becomes an expression of the Golden Rule. Civility covers a host of matters in how one human being relates to another with basic human kindness and goodness. Civility requires us to restrain and control ourselves, and at the same time to act with respect toward others. -Gordon B. Hinckley Smart and inspired man.
      Think of someone in your life that was a great communicator, whether it was a trusted friend, family member, leader, or a spouse. You really felt valued in their company, you felt they heard you. They respected and valued your view.  I really do believe this is possible in today's world. Am I wrong, is it possible?  For some reason we love bad news and sensationalize all the negative things that happen. Does true journalism even exist anymore? Where the news media is unbiased and reports all sides and doesn't favor just one?
         I am really glad I am blessed to have a strong foundation of beliefs that ground me. These are based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. His truths are eternal. I know if I follow Him I will be better off. The world has such changing views based on political agendas and popularity. It can be so confusing at times!   Sometimes we become so open-minded our brains could fall out!!
We all have to stand for something, don't we, or we will fall for anything!
So....I really do hope as a society we can reflect upon what is happening. Its a literal  war of words. Sometimes downright hurtful. We need to ask ourselves, did I really have to say or write that? Will it hurt someone? I guess that is why we all love "Pride and Prejudice", the way they communicate is so elegant and almost an art of words! Even when they are angry it is respectful.
Just some observations from a city girl turned country and loving it!

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